The Manage|Me Advantage

 Better Renters

We screen all of the potential renters for your home by screening requirements YOU select.




Less wear and Tear on Your Home

Because of our rigorous screening, you get more quality renters. Which means you won't have to spend any of the extra money you made by switching to ManageMe for repairs on your home. 





No Mark up on Maid or Handy Man Service

In addition to charging up to and over 50% of your gross rentals, traditional management companies also profit on rates they charge for maid and handymen services.


 We pass the maid cost on to renters and we do not up-charge handyman services.  

The bids we get, are the bids you get.




No Unauthorized or extraneous services

Traditional management companies also profit on things like changing light bulbs.   




We Care

Before Manage|Me, the Management companies operating at the Lake could basically do whatever they wished and get away with it.


You paid more money and got less services.


We couldn't stand seeing people getting taken advantage of so we created ManageMe to set the standard for Property Management.








See You Soon

Manage|Me Properties

3535 Osage Beach Pkwy

Suite 203

Osage Beach, MO 65065


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Manage|Me has properties throughout the entire

Lake of the Ozarks area.


Something for everyone.

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